All In One Keylogger Detailed Review

Score: 8 / 10 - All In One Keylogger

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Price: $69.95


All In One Keylogger is perhaps one of the few in its class. Not only is All In One Keylogger a monitoring tool, but it also doubles as a computer administrative tool.

Like most keyloggers out there, All In One Keylogger is fully capable of logging keystrokes, processes, screenshots, chats, etc. But, unlike most keyloggers, All In One has some fairly unique features. For instance, users can set a trigger that, when set off, will take a screenshot of the computer's activity. It can even block programs, websites, etc., which makes this a great parental monitoring tool.

As far as stealth goes, All In One Keylogger does very well. At both install-time and runtime, there was absolutely no trace of the program. It ran silently and smoothly in the background without alerting the user of its existance even the slightest bit.

In terms of logs, they were very detailed, accurate, and organized. Navigating to them is no trouble at all, and even the most basic user could figure it out without much effort. The user interface is very simple and easy to use, so being an expert is NOT required.

Overall, All In One Keylogger is a pretty good keylogger. It's stable, stealthy, and comes packed with features. However, for almost $70, there are more affordable options. But, if money is not a concern for you, and you're interested in some of their extra features, you should definitely give it a look. If anything, you can at least try the free trial to see for yourself.

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