How We Rate Keyloggers

When it comes to rating keyloggers, there are many important factors that need to be taken into account. You can't just look at a keylogger and know its true value or know if it will even work! You need to be able to test it, but that costs money... Which is where we come in!

Questions We Ask:

Does it actually do what it says it can do?
Is it really worth the money?
What Operating System(s) does it work on?
Is it easy to install and understand?
Are the logs detailed and accurate?
What kind of features does it have?
How many computers can it be used on?
and so on...

We take all of the above and so much more into account when we rate a keylogger. It's a very extensive process and we take great pride in our ability to provide our community with the best keylogger information on the web. Let us show you which keylogger is right for you.

Rating Scale

We take the keylogger software and put it through extensive testing. Then, we rate certain factors on a scale of 1 through 10; 10 being the highest. Each factor (Value for Money (V), Functionality (F), Useability (U)) plays a role in determining the keylogger's score on our website (the higher the better!).

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction. Due to that fact, we only review keyloggers that have a return policy lasting longer then 60 days, so you can be sure you get what you pay for!

Recommended Keyloggers

PC Pandora - 9.5 / 10

PC Pandora is ranked #1 on Keylogger Software Reviews because we believe it is one of the most fully feature-oriented keyloggers on the market and it doesn't cost a fortune. It is fully compatible with all versions of Windows and will run without the slightest notice in the background. (Read More...)

TGEYE Keylogger - 9 / 10

The #2 recommended keylogger software by our team is TGEYE Keylogger. TGEYE is 100% fully undetectable, compatible with Windows Vista/7, costs less than $30 (Best buy for the buck), excellent support, and comes with an UNLIMITED license. (Read More...)

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