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Score: 9.5 / 10 - PC Pandora

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PC Pandora is another revolutionary logging utility. Unlike many of it's competitors, PC Pandora successfully managed to implement the highest functionality and the easiest understandability into the same program.

When opened, a multitude of possibilities is unveiled, including Screenshots, Programs, Websites, Keystrokes, Chat, User Activity, E-mail, P2P, Webcam, File Tracking, Search Queries, and more. ANYTHING that gets done on the computer is logged in an extremely easily-accessible form.

A major concern for most keylogger users is their stealth capabilities. Once again, PC Pandora does very well for itself in this area, and even comes equiped with a very secure stealth/unstealth mechanism. You simply put in a keystroke/password combination, and when it is pressed, PC Pandora will pop up on your screen and allow the password-holder access to its many features. Even after rebooting the computer and running anti-virus scans, PC Pandora ran smoothly and stealthily in the background without any alerts to its existance.

No matter what happens on the computer, it will be logged with PC Pandora.

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