TGEYE Keylogger Detailed Review

Score: 9 / 10 - TGEYE Keylogger

Rating: V 10 | F 8 | U 8
Price: $29.99


We extensively tested TGEYE and ran into absolutely no problems at all. Not only did it work on several different editions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, but it worked exceptionally well. The logs are extremely detailed and include the name of every single application in focus, the date/time it was opened, and every single solitary keystroke that is typed in that program or window.

We were also very impressed with the ease of TGEYE's Remote Installation capabilities. It was a simple as the click of a button. Very few keyloggers on the market offer such a simple way to remotely install itself; even fewer offer the ability at all!

On top of that, TGEYE has some pretty unique features such as the ability to expire (remove itself) on a machine after a certain number of days, to take and send screenshots of the PC, to change the executable's icon, to change the name of the keylogger file for increased stealth, and even installs itself in a hidden directory for added security.

We have tested many extremely expensive keyloggers... And overall, TGEYE is by far the absolute best buy for the money. It costs less than $30 for a fully unlimited license and the support is amazing.

Whether you want your keylogger to monitor your employees, watch over your kids, or catch your cheating spouse, we highly recommend you do it with TGEYE Keylogger.

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